Hormone Self Assessment Results

Total Points:

Past: 4
Now: 6

The total points are used to determine the degree of severity of your hormone-related symptoms. If you ranked every question with a ì3î (the most severe) your total points would be 78. If you scored under 24, you have only slight hormone related symptoms. This is not to say that some individual symptoms are not severe, but overall your symptom picture reflects mild hormone-related symptoms.

If you scored between 25 and 50, your hormone-related symptoms are in the moderate range, and if you scored over 51, your hormone-related symptoms are in high range of this self assessment.

No matter what your overall score, you should consider seeing a physician for any hormone-related symptoms you may have, particularly any symptoms you rated a ì3î.

For information on finding a qualified physician who specializes in hormone-related symptoms please see our ìResourcesî section.

Severity Index: 

Past: 2
Now: 3

The severity index is calculated by simply dividing the total points by the total number of questions you answered in the affirmative. It gives an indication of how severly you experience the signs and symptoms, with 1.0-1.6 being mild, 1.7-2.3 being moderate, and 2.4-3.0 being severe. This number is especially useful for those who suffer from only a few signs of these signs and symptoms, but yet are considerably debilitated by them.